Things to Do in Carlsbad

Carlsbad, New Mexico sits on the Pecos River and is a center of tourism and natural wonder. Home to the famous Carlsbad Caverns, this city has something to offer everyone who comes here.

Carlsbad Caverns State Park

The first stop on your tour of Carlsbad should be the park that is home to the caverns that share the town's name. Explore the caves on your own or with a ranger. Stick around until dusk and see thousands of Brazilian free-tailed bats who call the caverns home take to the skies for their breakfast.

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

This impressive zoo gives you a look at what it's like to live in the unique desert environment of New Mexico. Discover the plants and animals that call Carlsbad and the surrounding areas home. The zoo also serves as a home for injured or orphaned animals that would be unable to survive in the wild.

Carlsbad Museum and Art Center

Before Carlsbad grew into the city it is today there were Native Americans and Mexicans who called it home. Find out about the history and culture that thrived in Carlsbad at the Museum and Art Center. The quilt exhibit is quite impressive to museum guest. The admission is free... and so is the air conditioning.

 Pecos River Flume

Carlsbad is home to one of the most impressive aqueducts in the world, the Pecos River Flume. Originally built in 1889, a flood in 1902 damaged it, and yet still standing and carrying water. The city of Carlsbad has given the Flume new life as a historical monument, complete with historical markers and parks along the way.

Carlsbad Cruises Day Tours

Have a bit of wet fun in the desert with Carlsbad Cruises! Paddle boats, shaded trails and park areas, a swimming area and boat tours are all offered here along the shores of the Pecos River. Here in Carlsbad you can go from the hot desert sands to a relaxing beach in only a few minutes!