Carlsbad Caverns Attractions

Carlsbad Caverns, whose caves are part of the national park system, offers some of the most impressive rock formations you'll find with both self-guided and guided tours.

The caverns are easy to tour with the help of a walkway that provides access to some of the most notable and beautiful formations in the park. A self-guided tour from the Natural Entrance to the Big Room covers 750 feet, with great opportunities to see popular sights like the Green Lake Overlook and the Bat Cave. There are also guided tours for experienced spelunkers, including Spider Cave and Slaughter Canyon Cave.

Several entertainment options are perfect for the whole family. The nightly bat flight program takes place from Memorial Day through the middle of October and is very impressive for visitors to witness. Kids especially look forward to the bat flights.

There are several exciting attractions for all to enjoy near the caverns. The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens provides the perfect opportunity to interact with local wildlife. You can also see the plants that contribute to the area's desert landscape here.

You can also find plenty of outdoor adventure at Sitting Bull Falls. There are several climbing options for people of various skill levels. You will also find several pretty hiking trails, as well as camping and picnic opportunities.

Stop by the Carlsbad Museum and Art Center for an interesting look at New Mexico life as told through art. The museum is small, giving you the opportunity to go through it fairly quickly. You will gain an exciting new perspective on everything that makes this area unique.

When you head to Carlsbad, you'll enjoy plenty of opportunities to do fun things for the whole family. From famous natural wonders to fun exhibits that allow you to learn, there is something for everyone. You'll be very glad you included Carlsbad in your travel plans.