Cultural History of Carlsbad

Carlsbad, New Mexico is home to the famous Carlsbad Caverns, a stunning cave system that spreads far beneath the earth's surface. It is also home to a thriving local art scene and generations of natural history.

An Extensive History

The Guadalupe Mountains have been home to numerous native tribes and it is believed that people have been here for 12-14 thousand years. Evidence of their presence here can be found within the current boundaries of Carlsbad Caverns National Park. By the 16th century Spanish explorers found their way here and had begun exploring the area.

While the Southwest went through several governmental changes in the 19th century, people have always been around the area. Carlsbad officially became a recognized city in 1918. But it started as a small settlement in the desert. The preservation of Carlsbad Caverns and economical progression has made Carlsbad a thriving place to be with a growing local scene to match.

Preserving Carlsbad's Native Culture

Native Americans and Mexicans have roots that lead back to the Southwest area. Carlsbad seeks to preserve that history and its impact on art and history within the community. The native influence is laid out for you to take a stroll through history in museums and at the Caverns. Several art galleries show the fusion of ancient past and modern present art.

Art in Carlsbad

Art and creativity are flourishing in New Mexico and generate a large portion of income for the area. Carlsbad thrives from this with its local art and history museum and art galleries. With Carlsbad's current economic growth those looking for a more creative life will surely find it within city limits.

Natural Preservation

Animal and plant life in the desert can be harsh and preserving that is another side of Carlsbad. The namesake park is home to three threatened cactus species, thousands of bats and many other creatures. The Living Zoo and Gardens is only small example of the natural ecology that Carlsbad protects that makes this a wonderful place to be.