Living in Carlsbad - "The Pearl on the Pecos"

Carlsbad, New Mexico is a one of a kind city located in the Chihuahuan Desert along the Pecos River. Known as "The Pearl on the Pecos," Carlsbad originated as an oasis and it continues to provide gorgeous greenery and unique activities to be enjoyed by residents and visitors to this day.

Several public parks dot the city and offer large green spaces for picnics and recreation. An 18-hole golf course and a recreation center are also available, as well as the Carlsbad Museum and Art Center which exhibits local and regional artifacts and Southwestern art. The Living Desert Zoo and the Carlsbad Horticultural Society provide opportunities to get up close an personal with nature. They also offer gorgeous hiking trails and natural recreation areas. Excellent schools and low crime rates are additional reasons why so many like to call Carlsbad home.

The primary economy of the Carlsbad area is based on mineral extraction including potash, petroleum, and natural gas. Tourism also has a large impact on the local economy.

The crown jewel of the city is Carlsbad Caverns, located eighteen miles southwest of the city. Created by a solution of sulfuric acid that dissolved the surrounding limestone, these ancient caverns are made up of more than 119 caves. The caverns are filled with other-worldly rock formations that seem to drip from the ceiling and create crystal columns from the ground up. The Carlsbad Caverns were established as a national park in 1923 and have attracted thousands of visitors each year.

Carlsbad, New Mexico is a city set in the midst of natural desert beauty. Offering countless natural, historical, and recreational activities, as well as boasting strong schools and a small town feel, Carlsbad continues to remain the pearl on the Pecos.